spartan-jet-plex-touch-toneSpartan Jet-Plex is the musical vessel for Virginia resident Nancy Kells. Like many songwriters, Kells finds music to be the most effortless way to air our her thoughts, mourn, and to refine the negatives to positives. Released by the always immaculate Fox Food Records, Touch Tone is Kells’ second record released this year.

Sport opens as a relatively blithe number, with Kells thoughtfully shuffling between minor and open chords with vocals that feel joyous yet placid and grief stricken. The first lines uttered on the track, It’s gonna be alright / it’s gonna be soul for control, take my life, straightforward maxims to remind you that it’s okay to just be you. Mid-way through, the song dims into an acapella performance with Kells’ bare and elegiac vocals, accompanied with nothing more than scantily scattered synth touches to make it all the more haunting and beautiful.

Cereal Pairing: nice bowl of grits