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Hailing from the UK, Soot Sprites heady amalgamation of cathartic shoegaze and introspective bedroom pop tenderness is certainly an arresting experience upon first listen. A self-released EP entitled, Comfortable in Concrete, is the only record the fledgling trio have under their belt since forming in 2017, but is enough to establish with listeners au fait with the shoegaze genre their potential and opportunity to grow into something greater.

**“Not Twisting_”_** is by far the standout track from the aforementioned record. Just as a lighthouse guides ships lost at sea back to shore safely, Elise Cooks vocals act as an illuminator penetrating over dense, turbulent oceans of elongated guitar strums and crashing reverb aesthetics, keeping the song focused as it builds upon its melancholic ebb and flow. Come the searing climax of granular fuzz tones woven into a gigantic wall of sound, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed as the emotion poured into the songs construction washes over you in one last purifying wave.

Cereal Pairing: Cinnamon Jacks