Michael Tenzer is a Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist and producer who has a hand in bands and groups like Savage Sister, and Lazy Legs. Along with the projects he contributes to, Tenzer also makes music under his own moniker, Soft Lashes, along with his ambient project, Eyes Behind the Veil. The common denominator for much of Tenzer’s sound revolves around woozy drones and abstract ambiances associated with heavier flavors of shoegaze.

With Soft Lashes, Tenzer maintains his wall-of-sound mindset with drowsy neon-lit instrumentation. HYPERSENSUALITY is the project’s proper debut LP, with its steamy opener TOUCH ME setting the record’s mood. Combining reverb-heavy synths and ethereal movements, the shocks of hyacinth aura meshes with the brittle goth-y backbeat. Tenzer’s indistinct vocals at times pass as instrumentation, often resembling woozy drones throughout.

Cereal Pairing: Rainbow Brite Cereal