for-young-heartsfor-young-heartsSoccer Mommy has all of the staple elements expected to be found in the indie sad-rock” realm inhabited by artist such as Elvis Depressedly and Teen Suicide. The guitar is jangly and sprinkled with reverb, the drums trotting along carelessly, and the vocals vulnerable and soft. With that in mind it comes as a great surprise that while Soccer Mommys latest release, For Young Hearts, is without a doubt sad rock, you probably won’t feel sad listening to it. The reason for this is that the songs here are just so dang good, each one filled with fun hooks and jamming riffs.

Opener Henry acts as a welcoming tune centered on a romantic crush, full of catchy verses and guitar work. Songs such as Inside Out and Crystal Eyes continue in similar poppy fashions with chorus segments that are sure to get stuck in your head. Music aside, the lyrics on this album read out like a diary of sorts, coming off honest and sincere. Soccer Mommy does not hide behind irony or sarcasm; everything here feels raw in its openness. On songs like 3 am at a Party the lyrics seem as if they are truly the innermost thoughts of Soccer Mommy, and this album is abundant with such pure moments. All in all, while the lyrics radiate with a relatable vulnerability, the music itself is confident, certain, and fantastic.

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