You don’t need rose colored glasses to see that Melbourne mates Smoke Rings are talented, deserving, and unfortunately way too far for us to ever catch a gig (cough, cough). This five-piece suit is made up of Lauren Heron, Shane O’keeffe, Jon Wright, Liam Gough, and Chris Laurence, who originally formed the band in the cold of Canada, and continuing in the warmth of Australia.


Smoke Rings’ slacker-psych, indie-rock sound is laced with catchy creativity and propelled by pop undertones. Following the release of their first single, Feelin’ Tired, Rose Coloured Glasses further highlights the strength of a seemingly apathetic, but undeniably emotive vocal, the equally driven drum beats and guitar riffs, and a melodically magical grasp on the whole thing. This track perfectly combines individual elements that create a flawlessly raw sound that we can’t wait to hear on their upcoming debut EP.


Cereal Pairing: enhanced-buzz-20041-1360952406-0enhanced-buzz-20041-1360952406-0

Rainbow Brite cereal, because there’s probably a rose color somewhere in there.