slumbers-come-overSlumbers is a trio that from Rochester, NY who are known for their bedtime-themed performance where members would dress in sleep masks and night robes. Though they had known each other for some time, the three decided to form the group just as they were finishing up high school. Although Emma, Sabrina, and Claire ended up in different cities and schools, each of them kept writing and making music on their own.

Their debut, Come Over was recorded this past summer in Nashville, TN with the help of Scott Hermo of Boyscott and is being put out on Sports Day Records November 25th. Battles is the first taste of their debut that enchants with calming vocal harmonies and quaint melodies. There’s an unstated continuity amongst the trio that binds the track into a magical package. Saxophones burst through intermittently to add a bit of jazz into the sleepy number. Delicate and moving, the track will leave you enamored and heart-warmed.

Cereal Pairing: Your favorite bowl of warm cereal