show-me-the-body-body-warNYCs harbingers of sludge, Show Me The Body self released their debut LP Body War, following up a pair of excellent EPs, S M T B and Yellow Kidney. The band represents somewhat of a dying entity that’s fading away with a newer” NYC, push DIY ethics and playing unannounced shows at lesser known venues. A band known for its grittiness and nastiness, Show Me The Bodys sound is cultivated from a mixture of hip-hop, proto-punk and hardcore.

Two Blood Pact is a rattling cut from Body War, which is a record where the band starts to branch off from their sludge punk tag. Embarking on a stuttering verse that’s similar to The Fall’s Eat Y’Self Fitter”, frontman Julian Cashwan Pratt breaks out into a free flowing diatribe that quickly switches over to a heavy incensed verse that still manages to be really catchy.

The band plays a record release show (all ages) for Body War on 6/26 @ 27-29 Division St. in Chinatown.

Cereal Pairing: The driest and most unpleasant cereal you can find.