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sheer mag III’m kind of ashamed to be admitting my late exposure to Philly’s basement-stormers Sheer Mag. Making rumblings last year with their killer self-titled EP, I’ve regrettably glossed over the band’s compact catalog until a few months ago, when I was able to catch them at this year’s iteration of CMJ (and here’s a video of said set).

The quintet started as an class assignment while some of the band was studying at SUNY Purchase, which evolved when the band felt that they had enough material to hit the studio. The band’s sonic identity is pumping with nostalgia, harboring punchy Thin Lizzy licks coupled with flash breeze percussion.

Observing stringent DIY practices, the band has a preference to play cramped basements over spacious venues. Despite their negligible online presence (sans their bare-boned Bandcamp page), their live sets developed a reputation for sweat-happy sing-alongs and rousing energy from the band.

Dance vibed Fan The Flames is the single from the band’s simply titled EP, II. Rolling with warm fidgety guitars and easy paced drums, the track is half hair metal, half pop dancability with bright jolting hooks that are downright infectious.