I’m not ready to grow up just yet” - no truer words have been said than these from Sandy Realms.

Melbourne duo Harry Hayes and Jack Foy have shared the first track off their debut EP, and what an introduction it is.

The sun-drenched single single-handedly describes the plight of feeling a touch hopeless as a young adult” through lo-fi reverb and addictive catchiness.

Giving us that undeniable fuzzy feeling, Jackets” will warm you up just as much as well, a jacket would. These Aussies have created the perfect combination of smart and simple pop sensibility, alongside ruminating lyrics (ie. we will come together cause we are all apart”).

Becoming an instant fan of Sandy Realms is almost as inevitable as growing up, except a hell of a lot more fun.

Coming Together is out later this month.

Cereal Pairing: Our music is kind of like coco pops cereal with a bit of extra milk in the bowl.” We totally agree Harry!