Perth, AU collective Salary bring back that swelling anthemic sound that captivated the mid-00’s. The nine-piece band made their recent debut with Upside Down Island, a record made up twelve tracks, each hauling a very big sound.

One Friday I Was Bored channels the anthemic tides of Arcade Fire with sub-layered crescendos building with anticipation throughout. Leading with a Springsteen-like presence, vocalist Sean Gorman sings of a dull Friday afternoon that forges desires for more:

What is this world? I couldn’t realize it there’s gotta be more than just physical

Amidst his epiphany, the track’s buzzy melody germinates with plucked violins and pillowy bursts from the brass section. Overtaken by the monotony, Gorman winds up in a trance and eventually into a quandary fit. Illuminating with squiggly brass and orchestral fanfare-like fills, the track becomes an ultra-captivating heartland rock sing-along.

Cereal Pairing: Frosted Flakes