Laced with emotion and filled with talent, Saint Corsairs debut EP Velvet & Soil” is 5-track collection of lyrical poetry and instrumental complexity. Masterminded by Lucas Carpenter, and executed by many others, the album takes you on an ethereal journey, guided by a seemingly omniscient and impossible to ignore voice. The undeniable strength of each track, both individually and as a whole, is obvious when you find yourself contemplating and questioning the same mysteries of humans’ animalistic nature and the situations that puts us in, just as Carpenter does.

12734238_965286286882902_8001309207310087675_nThe opening track,“Pairs, introduces us to the textured vocal of Carpenter, backed by a tired-turned-triumphant violin. The naturally wistful nature of Saint Corsair’s sound creates an omnipresent layer of restraint and power.

Pulling Teeth quickly picks up the pace with more aggressive instrumentals and a heightened sense of self awareness. Taking a more psychedelic approach,”Brushes Like A Fox is delicate at its root, but grows greatly in sanguineness. As Carpenter’s voice remains the only constant throughout the EP, Us Hounds gives us an added presence of harmony and a unique, guitar-led energy.

The EP comes to a simply perfect and beautifully simple conclusion with Mare’s Nest.” The raw pureness of the track, combined with a moving trumpet performance, and truthful lyrics like, “We’ve been far too dishonest to tell if it’s numbness or feeling and I think it’d be best if you just leave me alone, forces you to feel something in the best way possible.

Lucas Carpenter, your absurdity is divine.” Velvet & Soil” is now available for digital download and limited cassette editions via Furious Hooves.

Cereal Pairing: Apple Jacks, with a higher milk ratio for the sweet apple cinnamony end game.