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Rubber Band Gun is a solo-project based somewhere in New Jersey. It’s sole consistent member, Kevin Basko, records with the help of friends, which includes the D’Addario brothers of The Lemon Twigs and Jonathan Rado of Foxygen. So far, Basko has outputted a plethora of records with themes that range from healthcare (STAT) to women in law enforcement (GIRL COP!). Following the long line of interesting concept records, Hamburger is a look into what Basko and Rubber Band Gun collaborators thought a hamburger sounded like in the second week of September 2018.

The title of the track, Never Frozen derives from the common mantra claimed by burger establishments. With a gust of charisma, Basko declares his love in a waxy falsetto, as a honky-tonk piano rides along a groovy hook. Though it may seem like a track from a comedy record, the track is a weirdly compelling metaphor for love (“Make it fresh, make it fresh for you / never frozen like my love for you).

Cereal Pairing: crushed up Corn Flakes in a hamburger (or vegan burger)