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publicity public vanity coverpublicity public vanity cover

Publicity is a new trio based out of New York City. The band comprises of drummer Gus Turner, vocalist Kendall Russ on guitar, and bassist Sameer Bhagavatula. The project only released a one-track demo to their Bandcamp page in the summer of 2017, but have reemerged more than a year later. Their debut EP entitled Private Vanity is a collection of 4 agile post-punk tracks.

On Some New Life, Russ explores the monotony of life while pining for a new reality. With the occasional surfy flourish, guitars percolate over coasting bass lines. Bad dreams, deceiving outward appearances, and unanswered life questions, Russ observes the strangeness of modern living with sneering vocals.

Cereal Pairing: Cheerios