pro-teens-accidentally-coverPRO TEENS, the budding Arizona four-piece, returned with new material this past summer, building off the invigorating sound the developed on their last LP. It’s music that could be best described as springy surf-pop colliding with the smooth veneer of R&B. Their most recent LP, Accidentally (released on Broken Circles) features the some of the suavest pop songs of the year.

Puberty is a track that’s been floating around since 2014, previously appearing on a demo album the band self-released on the Bandcamp page. Saturated with stimulating synths as a signature hook, it struts with a gliding ebullience that’s immediately infectious and rousing. With his youthful guile, frontman Andy Phipp’s Christopher Owen-esque raspy vocals heighten the universal bodily betrayal that everyone’s had to face (“for puberty’s got me thinking that I’m something that I’m not - gonna let them know).

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