I’d imagine a wave vom is something that would happen whilst trying to surf hungover. I’d also imagine the reason you’d be hungover is from going to a wild Wavevom show.

The Newcastle duo is releasing their second, completely bass-free album Eternal Summer, and while it’s summer here in New York, the new tunes are sure to make it feel that way in Australia. Jed Kirbyshire (guitar/vocals) and Jack Clark (drums) have been jamming together since 2013, but with each song about getting trashed, taking to the water, and Jack having a boner, this one is sure to be their best. With a whopping 9 tracks in just 20 minutes time, Wavevom’s marathon pace at the height of their discog is a true testament to their talent.

Opening track and debut single Endless Blue,” immediately thrashes you into a non-stop, tireless instrumental that flows flawlessly into Goon King.” Recently released single I Learnt 2 Swim perfectly highlights their raw, unhinged approach to music, so much so that I was convinced durries are good for me (which yes, I had to look up).

Seemingly impossible to keep up with, Headache” amps up the energy a bit (as if it were even possible), before slowing down and taking a more laid back approach for Bored 2 Death.” Title track Endless Summer” closes out the show exactly how it began, with an all out instrumental  jam sesh.  The journey of the album is a direct projection of how summer comes, how summer goes, and all the crazy shit you do in between to make it worth the wait.

Eternal Summer” is out June 29th via No-Fi Records, and the boys are heading out on tour this Friday to promote it.  We’ll just assume blasting the album at an Outback Steakhouse will have to do here.

Jed says,

Eternal Summer is a story of late nights, partying too long and too hard, falling in love, falling outs, the daily grind, the beach and the hot Newcastle summer jammed into 9 tracks and 20 minutes of fast paced, bright and energetic surf punk goodness. The album is an ode to growing up and moving out of the small town where I grew up, and the obsession with the culturally rich city and community I now reside in.

Cereal Pairing: Volcano Crunch, because Eternal Summer” is absolutely explosive.