The Pooches are a quartet of Glaswegian geniuses, creating a Scots sound that resonates around the world. Following their much admired debut EP Heart Attack (via Gnar Tapes), and their self-titled LP (via Lame-O Records), The Pooches are back with the release of Rats & Rats.

Jimmy Hindle (vocals), Calvin Halliday (drums), Andy Kelly (guitar), and Gavin Cormack (bass) have constructed a short, sweet, and sun-drenched track that holds the same power  that all their previous releases have - putting a smile on your face without even knowing it.

The track blends elements of indie-rock and surf-pop to create an overwhelming feeling of a love that could be so simple. The complexity of love however, is drowned out by its lyrical cleverness and melodic addictiveness. Rats & Rats” is a jangly number that is effortless in its sound, and undeniable in its execution.

A super limited 40-copy run of Rats & Rats is out today via Super Fan 99. And as if that wasn’t good enough on it’s own (which it is), the 5” picture disc also comes with a digital download of the track and a covers EP by Hindle himself featuring acoustic versions of songs from Joanna Newsom to Dr. Dog, and more (full track-list below).

The Pooches play SXSW down south in March, and the London DIY Popfest in April. With music as charmingly captivating as we know Scotsman to be (from all the five we’ve met), you won’t need to throw these dogs any bones…but maybe just cop that 5″.

  1. The Pooches - Rats & Rats
  2. Amour L’Amour - For Chuck
  3. Turner Cordy - I Know How I Feel About You
  4. Dr. Dog - Jim Song
  5. Darren Hanlon - Last Night of Not Knowing
  6. Joanna Newsom - On a Good day 
  7. Judee Sill - Crayon Angels

Cereal Pairing: Cookie Crisp, because I’m convinced Chip the Dog would get along reallllll well with his fellow Pooches.