Beau and His Dreams Is Out on November 16th via Step Pepper Records.

sports-coach-beauIt’s been a hallmark year for lo-fi-ist Thatcher May, but even as it comes to a close he still has some music to release. Named as an homage to his dog, Beau and His Dreams is the third Sports Coach album released this year.

The LP was recorded over the past summer after May scrapped two albums worth of material. The second single At The Beach Don’t Mind The Salt Love The Rocks is lively with dazzling oscillation and kaleidoscopic ebulliency.  Pulsating aquatic synths are woven with pearly hooks for an ornate collage that manages to retain a spatial feel. Fluttering with radiating patterns, the track is a sure fire remedy to purge negative vibes.

Beau and His Dreams will be on a 100 cassette run through Step Pepper and Sports Coachs Bandcamp page.

Cereal Pairing: Cookie Crisp cookie-crisp