This premiere is part of a three-track series with Spare No Expanse for their latest batch of releases. Listen to premieres for Requiett_s Fan of Infinity and_ Lost Trail Family Shibe_s A5._

Moving In, Exracer, Bulletgirls and now SPELLNOCTURAL, Jordan McGuire moves into the minimal plain. LP SIX will be the first output for the project via Spare No Expanse on cassette. With his past output defined as shoegaze and dream rock, his latest moniker, SPELLNOCTURNAL retains the dark goth-inspired sounds with lighter touches of ambient distillation.

The title track is an airy piano-driven composition with gossamer under tones. The descending piano melody stumbles over a omnipresent white noise. Sounds of scratched guitar strings lurch underneath the quaint and soothing keys, a stark imagery of juxtaposing auditory textures. The metallic grumblings stir up feelings of the unsettling as if you are peering in the night’s oblivion.

SIX on cassette is available for pre-order from Spare No Expanse with an edition of 15.

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