Dublin debonair Bobby Aherne has been making great music for way longer than most of us have had our shit together. Under the previous pseudonym Dublin Duck Dispensary, Aherne stepped away from his stag ways and into No Monster Club. His latest brainchild is an undeniable indie-pop gem of a band who are shining all the way from across the pond.

13241520_731763976966662_913181541_oIn The Red” is one of four tracks off No Monster Club’s newest release,___Where Did You Get That Milkshake?._ Following their equally infectious full-length album People Are Weird,” the EP weighs heavy in sweet sounding irony. Catchy melodies bring life to seemingly apathetic lyricism on loneliness and longing, engaging the listener and creating a connection.

I just wanna dream that I’m in love with somebody, could be anybody

With an immediate, yet fleeting, Dexys Midnight Runners instrumentally stylistic beginning, to an incomparable rest of the song, In The Red” is just a glimpse into the genius mind of Aherne, and the continued confirmation of unwavering, raw talent.

Be a part of No Monster Club’s debut US release and grab their 7″ via Emotional Response now.

Here’s what Aherne had to say about the track:

In the Red’ is a little slice of lo-fi Europop. It’s the type of song that might win the Eurovision, if the Eurovision was held in a disgusting dive bar and nobody ever watched it. I’m not mad on the title, but sadly I couldn’t think of what else to call it - and I think that its nice melody supersedes its boring name. The song is about wanting to stay in bed, because dreams tend to be more fun than the arduous niceties and crushing disappointments of everyday consciousness.

Cereal Pairing: boo-berry-1 Boo-Berry’s, because someone has to sneak into the No Monster Club.