The members of Mosey Jones didn’t expect this project to be anything serious. Started when guitarist/vocalist Eamon McMullen and bassist Peter Quirk were just messing around in after classes in high school (eventually adding McMullen’s older sister, Caitlin, to play drums), the band is now in the midst of a country-wide tour, touching 30+ states over the course of two months. For their sophomore record, the band returns to their do-it-yourself ways, as they had recorded most of their last EP, Spinning with hi(gher)-fi production means.

Until Death is the first preview of Certainty, a record that documents what transpired the past six years between McMullen (Eamon) and the people he’s known or gotten to known in that time. The track jabs with punchy minor chords, clamorous drums, and hastened bass melodies. Building off the material from the Spinning sessions, it feels like the band are getting more comfortable with the sportive twinkle pop heard on Swell.

Certainty is out sometime next month, and here’s what Eamon had to say about the record:

This is our second full length album, featuring all our best tunes since Swell that were not included on Spinning. For this album, we returned to where we’re most comfortable, recording and mixing 100% in our basement. However, done a lot better than Swell. This is how Swell should sound. Until we get better at mixing, and then this point will be made moot. This album features ten tracks that chronicle events in my (Eamon) life and the lives of people I know over the past six years. I mark this album as the closing of a lot of struggles that I and my friends have felt. We look forward to the years to come. The songs were recorded largely in the months of April and May of 2016. The recording process was a perfect mix of rushed and overly perfected. I can’t think of anything we wanted on this album that isn’t there, or wasn’t tried and removed.

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