This premiere is part of a three-track series with Spare No Expanse for their latest batch of releases. Listen to premieres for Requiett_s Fan of Infinity and_ SPELLNOCTURNAL_s SIX._

In 2015, the North Carolina-based group known at the time as Lost Trail (now known as Nonconnah), gathered a group of musicians for a two-day recording session. The group of central North Carolina musicians named the project as Lost Trail Family Shibe and recorded Snow Camp, released by Spare No Expanse, whose founder, Nate Wagner was part of that collaboration session. The title of the recording is an homage to the town whose Quaker meeting house was used for the session.

Side-A track A5 is a dissonant and unsettling burner that remains eerie and enigmatic all the way through. Sonic collages that recall Sonic Youth’s unhinged experimental sessions and rudimentary Glenn Branca are spattered with ethereal guitars and a dawdling stray flute. The group meanders with effects-laden guitars swirling and pausing to coalesce for the track’s defined post-rock outro as a defined unit.

Snow Camp on cassette is available for pre-order on Spare No Expanse with an edition of 15.

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