Melbourne is a great place, or so we assume solely based on what it’s given us via Great Places. Following the release of their debut banger, Early in the Morning, trio Griffin Brain (guitar/Vox), Paddy Martinkus (drums,BKVox) and Sam Jemsek (bass) have already taken themselves out of the one-hit-wonder category withVegan Toast” - and we promise, the tune sounds so much better than the real thing probably tastes.

Focused on combining the analogue recording techniques of the past with the style feel and attitude of today, Great Places hones in on their sound of jangly guitars, playful drumming and sunny vocals. These buoyant boys can’t help but make you bop, bob, and bounce until you’ve spilled so much beer that you need another.

The vocal conversation, the genius melody, and the sad, but true, lyrics all harmonize together to create a perfectly infectious track that makes this short tune feel that much shorter. IMG_6550 (1)It’s the pop-sensibility and musical vulnerability of Vegan Toast” that drives it so aggressively into our music catalogue’s, but it’s the raw, natural talent of Great Places that keeps it there. Recorded at Head Gap Studios (Melbourne), and mixed by Aussie legend Mikey Young, the quality of Great Places’ singles have given us no reason but to expect sheer greatness coming from these magical music making mates.


Bottom line is,  don’t fall in love with someone who loves vegan toast more than you. Bottom bottom line, Great Places is a great fucking band.

After supporting/having the best fucking time with Dune Rats, Hockey Dad, Skegss, The Pinheads, Dumb Punts, Lunatics On Pogosticks and more, the boys are prepping for their first Aussie tour and debut EP.

Here’s what Great Places had to say about their sweet, sweet single:

You can feel the warmth of the reel to reel tape machine and the Neve 1073 preamps, 1960’s mic techniques and strictly hardware effects. The second single is a lovesong delivering happy overtones and an original concept. It seems to be saying, how can a vegan who refuses to hurt or steal from any animal be so brutal and cold to his or her own species? If you don’t eat meat, then why’d you eat my heart? If you don’t spill blood, then why’d you tear me apart?”

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