Apparently glaciers do exist in Australia. In Melbourne however, the only thing melting is probably your face… from a different sort of Glaciers. 

The dreamy four piece suit is comprised of Nalin Dayawansa (vocals/guitar), Simon Crouch (vocals, guitar), Ryan DeCoite (bass), and Tom Coish (drums). The band first stepped out on the scene with a batch of fire demos in 2012, followed by some singles since. Local Hero,” the first single released off their upcoming debut album Living Right, tells of the perceptions we have on our own shortcomings and failures when measured in scale and influence. Their second single, Career Crisis,” chronicles those same insecurities, even in your successes, and how they’re subjective and relative all at the same time. That internal struggle is flawlessly expressed in lyrics like:

Press1                     well I won’t play if I can’t win                           it’s too late to start again                          if we stay the way we are                        I don’t think we’ll get too far”

With a greater focus on pop sensibility and a heightened sense of direction, Glaciers have perfected their arrangements and melodies to create a sound that soothes, moves, and undeniably grooves. Gentle vocals, smooth guitars riffs, and driving drumming turns “Career Crisis into an indie-pop dream . Their easy-going, slacker-rock vibe easily makes all of our career crisis a little less daunting.

Simon says (sorry, had to do it),

Growing up, your entire childhood is spent being told exactly what to do and how to behave with pretty much everyone being an authority figure over you. Then you turn 18 and over night every decision is up to you - something which you’re wholly unprepared for. How does anyone know what the right decisions to make are? Living Right’ is comprised of eleven songs trying to answer that question.

Living Right is set for release in June, and will be available on vinyl and digital via Strong Dog Records, and on cassette through Easy Summer.

Aussies can catch Glaciers live supporting Major Leagues on May 21st and Shining Bird on June 2nd. Everyone else will just have to settle for the internet…or potential holograms. 

Cereal Pairing: 1109_2970_ucp Polar Crunch, because Glaciers is that cool.