Fin-Folsom is a Brooklyn-based, hiatus-bound, Cereal+Sounds favorite. With three EPs out within the past three years (Tell Tale, Early Summer, and Ruins+Rituals), we’re probably just as excited as the guys are about the release of their self-titled debut LP.

The local trio consists of Conor Walsh, Joshua Gottesman, and Jeremy Y. Nakamura. When we spoke to the guys last about an upcoming album, it was all a dream. Fast forward to you reading this right now, and that dream is finally a reality. The 10-track aurally arousing album (because we’re mature enough to say things like that..kind of) is a musically enticing journey from start to finish.

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Midway between the re-introduction to Fin-Folsom’s uniquely moving sound and the all too quick finish, is Dear Pretender - one of the more subdued, yet not any less powerful gems off the album.

Conor sings, can’t get you off my mind, or change back the time, when in reality, the track sounds like an epoch of the past. Thanks to Conor’s irresistable crooning, the undeniable instrumental talent of Josh and Jeremy, and the beautiful backing vocals of Wild Manes, Fin-Folsom has perfectly crafted their magically modern animal pop” sound, surrounding a yearned for past and a fearfully unknown future.

Josh says,

One of the things that I really like about these two tracks is that both possess the potential energy made kinetic in this record.  For the first time, we recorded more or less without stopping and for an extended period of time. This is our most collaborative record in terms of how it was produced, arranged, and in the inclusion of friends. It speaks to the anxieties that all of us feel, both real and imagined, and I felt that the reconciliation of those tensions came out in a manner that makes me hopeful: we’re taking a break, but I really feel that it is our best work to date, that there is only room to grow. Despite the troubles in both our and the greater world at large, the record feels bright and positive. It’s not perfect, but neither are we. 

Help Fin-Folsom celebrate the release of their debut LP, but also cry because of their year long hiatus, at The Gutter on August 18th, with support from OxenFree, Hunter & Wolfe, and Say Brother.

Cereal Pairing:

Magic Puffs, because Josh couldn’t be more right about the alchemy of these tunes.