ferbus-robFerbus is an experimental band based in Los Angeles, CA that formed in early 2015. Consisting of four Oklahoma transplants (with two California natives), its members had been heavily involved in the music community in Oklahoma City, they’ve settled into their new home and have been a rising fixture in Los Angeles’ DIY scene.

Next week, the band follows up their self-titled debut LP with a self-titled EP on Danger Collective Records and OMBEAC Tape Club. Recorded in early 2016, the band was able to march pass some mishaps and refine their sound by approaching the recording process from a different angle.

The lead single, Sexy Robert is a vexing track that melds melodicism with the gnarly. Jangly guitars are woven together with a focus bass licks for a sweet rush of fluttering instrumentals. Reminiscent to Nick Cave or John Maus, the warm baritone of frontman Henry Dillon instills an ominous touch as he deeply croons the refrain I’m guided by the girls.

The band shared an extensive background on the EP:

This EP was recorded in early 2016 in our producer/keyboard player Danny Goliger’s room. We had finished recording by March, but ended up losing the vocal tracks when our van was broken into and our laptops were stolen on tour. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, realizing we had settled on some mediocre vocal takes for the sake of getting it done. In recording the EP, we set out to try to use simple equipment in new ways and figure out how to make our instruments sound great in a bedroom with careful attention to tuning, amp settings, pedals, etc. Also, just for the hell of it, we decided to record some of the shittiest equipment we had, including a First Act Adam Levine Designer Series acoustic guitar and a Line 6 Spider II on insane mode. We moved into a new warehouse loft space in May and spent the first months of summer building a studio/rehearsal space where the EP was mixed.

Cereal Pairing: Chocolate Lucky Charms

The EP is out digitally on October 12th through Danger Collective Records and later in the month on cassette through OBNEAC Tape Club.

Tracklist 1. I Just Wanna Be Blond Again 2. Art School Haircut 3. Sexy Robert 4. No Love Remains