On this Valentine’s Day, Dunebug reminds us that we are not alone in being alone. Her latest single, Alone Like Me’ pays homage to those who truly feel like they’ll be #foreveralone.

After the release of her beautiful, actual bedroom DIY debut EP late last year, Manchester native Chi Limpiroj is handling a life of a breakups, including that of her band Chi & the Twelfth Wall, in the best way possible - i.e. this track. The soft, sweet, and sexy lullaby,” as her friends joke, is exactly the remedy we need as listeners to know that we are not alone in our feelings. Jangling through with a clear and concise melancholic message, the tracks dreamy feel will put you in a calming haze that will hopefully make you forget the past heartbreaks, and remember to love yourself.

Photo Credit: Michael Hobdell

  Alone Like Me’ is a bleak insight into the complexities of my love life (or lack of), due to past difficult relationships coming back to haunt me. It’s about the struggle of being involved with someone who is perfectly lovely but pushing them away at the smallest hint of it becoming anything even remotely serious and ultimately being left alone, again. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

With another upcoming release in March, we trust that you’ll find yourself in a fully committed musical relationship with Dunebug just like we did.

Pair with Kashi Heart to Heart, because we wholeheartedly love Dunebug!