A Nashville newcomer by way of Chicago, D. Swick is blurring the lines between genres and entering the music scene with a soundscape of his own on his debut EP, Nothing To Say.”

From the authenticity of his vocals to the melodic tranquility of the instrumentals, this 3-track gem is impossible to ignore. Produced and engineered by Sam Gidley down in Music City, and with the help of Laura Epling on strings, the seamlessly collaborative forces have created an atmospheric tension and captivating sound that unapologetically grabs you by the ears and makes you listen.

Debut single and opening track Poster Child  takes off and soars in all its creative glory. Its volatile pace and hints of lo-fi elevate the track to a transcendent state.

Followed by a slew of some masterful string work, For Weeks flawlessly highlights D. Swick’s smooth, yet unhinged vocals. The softness of the track elicits raw emotion from the musician, and inevitably, the listener. The paralleled, but incomparable relationship is as evident as D. Swick’s talent.

Title track _“Nothing To Say_closes the show in a gentle, orchestral direction that perfectly personifies a brooding baroque” sound. It then soars with the addition of beautiful harmonies and palpable percussions.

Swick says,

The oldest song on here was written in 2012 and the most recent in 2015. As much as I would prefer to write something and put it out the next day, I’m glad I’ve been able to sit with these and let them mature. They chronicle the last few years of learning self awareness, battling apathy, and mistrusting emotions for their fickle nature, but then realizing that they aren’t fickle at all. They require identification, and identification requires practice. Once they are identified, you can use that knowledge to help make a more informed, healthier decision. I’m all about the process of working to know yourself, so that you can better bring yourself to what is in front of you. 

Cereal Pairing: Apple Jacks, for that sweet, raw combo.