[caption id=“attachment_7545” align=“alignleft” width=“197”] Body Meat / Chris Taylor[/caption]

Enigmatic art-rock project Body Meat is readying a split release with bedroom-pop minimalists, The Washboard Abs. Body Meats driving force Christopher Taylor, connected with the members of The Washboard Abs through the Denver, Colorado DIY scene and playing on the same bill at local shows. The friendship led to Redux, a split release featuring fresh material and a fresh take on old. 2016’s have u scanned ur club card? was predominately written as a solo effort, members of The Washboard Abs revisits the tracks with new instrumentation and arrangements as the group has evolved into a collaborative project.           [caption id=“attachment_7546” align=“alignright” width=“300”] The Washboard Abs[/caption]

Continuing the strange and atypical sound he has developed, Taylor seeks to further push the boundaries of what is defined as the pop construct with his contributions to Redux. The split starts with Mecha Drift, contorting with warped tick-tocks and diced up intonation. Opening with a staggered melody, the track crystallizes into a jazzy mix. Squiggly saxophones glide parallel to the off-kilter melody. Beyond the fragmentation and abstraction, Mecha Drift is a perplexing segue to a strange world.

Redux is out on cassette and digital download on August 25th and is up for pre-order now via Citrus City Records.


  1. Body Meat - Mecha Drift”
  2. Body Meat - Plant”
  3. Body Meat - Ed Conga”
  4. Body Meat - Fragmenting The Pause”
  5. Body Meat - No React”
  6. Body Meat - Misery The Constant”
  7. the Washboard Abs - groundform”
  8. the Washboard Abs - grey to gold”
  9. the Washboard Abs - window”
  10. the Washboard Abs - ladder”
  11. the Washboard Abs - through the air”
  12. the Washboard Abs - hold me down”

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