andrew-starr-hobo-scene-ceilingCam Frank goes by the moniker of Andrew Starr and the Hobo Scene, a project that’s shaped by making music in a haze at random points” of their life for the past two years. Now on their fifth record, it will come in two parts, Dead Lighters Go To Heaven being the first and Brief Recollections From The Closet being released later down the line.

Written during the start of summer, Ceiling recalls a strange dream which involved a makeout session with their best friend Ben, who is part of their live band. Featuring their friend Matty Hagger (who also goes by Pansy) on vocals, the sleepy song is wrapped in space dreams and harmonious drone. Intimate yet gauche with lumpy lo-fi, between the dueling vocals and the twinkly xylophone, a pillowy tenderness is conjured up to make the track a catchy lullaby.

Cereal Pairing: Cheerios with mini marshmallows

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