Brooklyn-based songwriter, Alexei Shishkin is readying his 6th and self-titled LP. Shishkin’s generous catalog thus far has been a culling of shorthand diary entries documenting the nuanced particulars of everyday living.

Favoring a looser recording process, Shishkin’s slacker rock tendencies jive well with his freewheeling recording process. Out on Forged Artifacts, this record is a pivot from Shishkin’s usual recording process, relying on phone audio notes, and applying polish with desktop audio production software with computer-generated percussion. Despite adopting a relatively more methodical recording process, Shishkin maintains the spontaneous qualities on his previous releases.

Guised with radiant melodies and sun licking guitars, Haleo carries a salty breeze with its staccato rhythms. Throwing fragmented verses in the air, Shishkin pieces together various themes and one-liners that represent the idea of an acquaintance. These ideas are vague and esoteric until the final leg which focuses in on Shishkin’s true thoughts, as if he was following a mental dump to arrive at this point.

Recalling The Clientele or Dan Bejar at his most nimble compositions, Shishkin is embracing change while being able to retain his core sonic identity.

Alexei Shishkin is available on 9/20 via Forged Artifacts.

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