For all the NARPs out there (myself included so long as hacky sack doesn’t count), Active Bird Community and Primate House have given us a soundtrack to live by. NARP, the 4-track split between the two New York based bands, is laced with angst, drenched in rawness, and powered by talent.

Active Bird Community, comprised of Carter, Andrew, Zach, and Tom, are following up on their recently relased debut album, _I’ve Been Going Swimming__,_ while also being in the midst of recording a new one. Primate House, comprised of Chris, Devin, Josh, and Jeb, have also recently released their album, Feels Good To Feel Bad. The obvious chemistry between the two bands, alongside their unrivaled combined talent, makes this split less of a divide and more of a superband super-split.

1735cc_bfe674e9166f45a29447374bee71a2760006501869_10The opening track, Dead Legs,” contains heavy doses of dynamic vocals, interrupted by striking guitar riffs. The strength behind lyrics like, when these dead legs come alive, all my bullshit will subside,” is both a plea and a promise.

Longport” is the jangly follow-up track that follows a rat resembling, nameless squirrel who’s as mysterious and lonely as the rest of us.

The seamless transition into Weirdo is comparable to the level of grungy undertones in both the track, and the weirdo you never knew.”

The persuasive power of lyricism persists in the closing track, Seven Fishes”. You need to separate and feel ok, reevaluate and swim away,” is convincingly sung and equally enamored.

Active Bird Community and Primate House have proven to be the coolest NARPs with this sweet split.

Cereal Pairing Cocoa Puffs Combos, for that perfectly complementary thing.