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Sans any guitars, the London-based trio, Pozi, manages to make frenetically urgent and fast-paced new-wave on their latest EP, 176. The members recording the songs over the course of 5 days with the idea of expanding their sound with electronics and spatial elements. Themes of paranoia, social anxiety, jealousy and the accompanying nightmares these can create are paired with the band’s busy yet minimal soundscapes.

The Nightmare, is scuttling post-punk cut lined with dance-oriented tempo and doom-saying lyrics. Pozis lead vocalist, Toby Burroughs, channels their inner Johnny Lydon with shout-talking manner of singing, barking out foreboding lines (“the terror is real”). The omission or the lack-thereof guitars won’t even dawn on listeners unless they check the album notes. The dissonant yet atmospheric violin adds a unique texture that is heard elsewhere on the record.

176 is available now on vinyl and in digital formats via the band’s Bandcamp.

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