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west america porridge radioOblivious to the distance, the BFF-dom between Porridge Radio and West America initiated when they connected over viewing each other’s Soundcloud pages. Members Hannah Schoenfield and Fredie Sanchez make up the Los Angeles, CA-based West America, while the Brighton, UK-based Porridge Radio is the solo project for Dana Margolin. Hello Dog Friendly (via Memorials of Distinction) is the product of their friendship and similar propensities for desolate pop music. Both members of Porridge Radio and West America have worked on their counterpart’s tracks, contributing instrumentation and doing reworks of each other’s songs.

The opener, in 2/4ths time, The World Destroys Itself already rattles the ears with messy strumming and rifling percussion. The disjointed Past Is Personal rolls with an uncoordinated tempo and Schonenfield’s calamitous conniptions. Featuring America’s second finest dingus, Ben Carson, Gentrify The Moon is an apocalyptic configuration of surf rock at a blurry pace.

In similar fashion, Porridge Radio rings in their side of the EP with the Times New Viking-esque Don’t Ask Me Twice,” the band manages to stay catchy and quaint despite the muddied instrumentation. Although I Don’t Listen takes form of a more straightforward” punk song, don’t expect Margolin’s ferocity to die down, as she channels fiery riot grrrl moxie straight out of Olympia, WA.

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The outlier Get Out of My House is the quietest track on the EP, features a haunting ondes martenot. Wistful instrumentation throughout, Porridge Radio’s restraint leads to unexpected gorgeousness amidst a collection of chaotic pop-music. Ending the EP with similar restraint, the ditsy Born Confused is the EPs finest moment. The closer begins as a jangly confessional that transitions to blissful noise pop with rapturous chants that celebrates the end of a bond (“thank you for leaving me / thank you for making me happy).

Cereal Pairing: A fistful of Cocoa Puffs, a fistful of Corn Pops, a fistful of Fruit Loops and pour whatever you want on it