Plastic Picnic is a recently born band, with a sound somehow conceived in 1985. Their refreshing orchestral indie pop” sound could probably be attributed to their bi-coastal influence, but we’re just going to bet on their sheer, natural talent.

Emile Panerio, Lincoln Lute, Gordon Taylor, and Marshall Hunt were musically separated at birth in Seattle, but brought together by a mutual friend and/or fate in Brooklyn. The combination of their individualistic styles and influences quickly turned their quartet of misfit boys into a band of brothers.

9208_829219303888350_5235788861515957175_n Plastic Picnic’s debut single, Nausea in Paradise,”  is truly a musical journey, and probably the best introduction a band can have into the scene. At almost 5-mintues, the track shows incredible range from starting with a shimmering surf-pop sound, to beautiful mellowed vocal yearning, and a building conclusion that ends aggressively and abruptly. The undeniable catchiness of the fiery falsettos, subtle synth, and jangly guitar work makes it seemingly impossible to ignore this tune.

Plastic Picnic sings of, that simple little feeling of a sterile kind of love,”  and that’s exactly how we can explain our pure love for their sound.

Cereal Pairing: Cap’n Crunch, because it’s my favorite, and so is Plastic Picnic right now.