We literally know nothing about Plastic Birds, but honestly, we don’t need to.

The arcane Aussie brothers are following up on their recently released EP with their latest track See Me”. The combination of soothing, yet soaring vocals, and subdued, yet aggressive instrumentation, can put even a flightless (or plastic) bird sky high.

Dripping fuzz and oozing scuzz, the sun-drenched single is perfectly constructed to take you back, and take you away. Aside from the killer guitar solo, the sound remains in a constant space that is consistently great and undeniably strong.

Even if Plastic Birds were actual plastic birds, we wouldn’t know, and we wouldn’t care. The truth is in their music, and the truth sounds damn good.

Cereal Pairing: 35f94ddd34b6f0ba594d1568ce9d77abMagic Puffs, for Plastic Birds’ sweet sounding mystery.