PNKSLM has yet to disappoint in their slew of great bands, producing great music, that you can’t help but obsess over. The release of Pinemens debut EP, Pleasant Pain, is no exception. The Stockholm suit, originally a duo of Erik Ernsäter and Vincent Fagerström, now includes the talents of Filip Apelian and Alexander Kuronen.


The EP includes previously released singles “That Certain Flavour and Essence of Easy Going, that put Pinemen on the scene, and set the scene for their hazy, infectious sound. Although their DIY, garage-rock sound has a strong presence throughout every track, the boys give listeners an array of greatness with contrasting sounds. The transition from heavy instrumentals and vocals that carry a certain weight in Praise Yourself, to the light-hearted and harmonic  “I Never Cry, Pinemen prove that there’s more to them to come, and we can’t wait to hear it. 

The six short and sweet tracks from these slacker-rock Swedes is definitely more pleasant than painful, so give Pinemen a listen!

Cereal Pairing: pbccPeanut Butter Cookie Crisp, because they have breakfast for lunch.