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From the New Jersey Pine Barrens, comes New Jersey’s Pine Barons, the ultimate psych-folk-harmonious-rock-and-roll…brotherhood of four artists aiming to find their rock n roll destinies.” Surely not lost amongst the forestry, they have definitely found their destiny.

Since the release of their daring debut album back in 2013, the boys have been working hard on new tunes for their next one. Hoping to drop it in the spring, we’re sure it won’t disappoint in unique sounds, haunting vocals, and addicting melodies. The risks they wrangle, the experimentation they elevate, and the seemingly un-perfect perfection they pursue makes Pine Barons frontrunners in music scene.

10246452_693749520671171_181945445721245437_nThe first single released in lieu of the forthcoming album, Clowns’, “best represented the album as a whole″, says vocal lord Keith Abrams. Alongside fellow bad-ass barons Brad Pulley, Collin Smith, and Shane Hower, these”ultra-pals” have paved their own path out of the barrens, and into our musical souls.

Delving deeper into distinction with this track, Pine Barons enchant us with an unpredictable journey, and a destination we didn’t even know existed, but is exactly where we needed to be. Keith, on Clowns’:

The underlying concept behind Clowns is basically two negatives making a positive in regards to depression and love. A love story about two sad people who end up happy. Wanting to run away and realizing you don’t have to.”

Cereal Pairing: Lucky Charms, because they’re magically talented.