Petite League have definitely made it to the big leagues in our books, and they’re hitting nothing but home runs (don’t worry, I can’t think of any more baseball metaphors). From Syracuse college buds to Queens bound city boys, Lorenzo Gillis Cook and Henry Schoonmaker have yet to disappoint with their DIY sun-drenched sound.

We’ve been riding the Petite League wave since their debut album Slugger, and we haven’t fallen off since. Followed by “No Hitter last year, and the first single off their upcoming album a couple of months ago, their latest testament to their talent is no less indicative of what’s to come.

Veering in a slightly different direction, Sun Dogs still perfectly highlights their raw and undeniable creativity. The heartbreak tune turned summer anthem is volatile in its gentle, yet aggressive tude, and incomparable, audible take on love.

We will definitely drink all the evenings away listening to Petite League.

Rips One Into The Night is out September 1st, but you can pre-order the vinyl just in time for the summer!

Cereal Pairing: Sticking to our guns, sticking to Wheaties.