Richmond, VAs Pete Curry is re-issuing his cornucopia of a record NIGHT LOGIC with remastered audio. With the help of RVAs own Citrus City Records, the record will get the cassette treatment on his own label Crystal Pistol Records. For this record, Curry deviates from the fuzz-pop sound heard on his EPs’ Doin’ Nothin’ and Advice On Love to a disco fledged sound. After experimenting with digital music software, he ended up dancing in his bathroom a month later and then eventually with a whole album.

Blurring the lines of a concept album, the tracks are a showcase of Curry’s eclectic wit and idiosyncrasies. Dark In The Night is an electric rager, fraught with neon ignited synths and squishy electronics. Engaged with a springy beat, Curry turns into a suave pop star, like a Har Mar Superstar caught up in a heated karaoke battle.

The re-release for NIGHT LOGIC is out 7/14 on Citrus City Records and Crystal Pistol Records.

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