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Peel Dream Magazine is the Brooklyn-based shoegaze/dream pop band led by Joe Stevens. Originally a solo effort, Stevens has expanded the project with collaborators since his shimmering debut record. Drawing influences from early Stereolab and 90’s slowcore, Stevens and company create lush rollicking

Pill is the lead single for Peel Dream Magazines sophomore record, Agitprop Alterna. The band builds off their Stereolab-inspired guitar pop and allow their shoegaze influence to shine through such as My Bloody Valentine. Gushing with searing guitars ensnare soothing vocals from both Stevens and vocalist, Jo-Anne Hyun with results that are svelte and intimate.

Agitprop Alterna is out on April 3rd via Slumberland Records. The band is making rounds during New Colossus Festival in New York City at Lola on March 11th.

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