Being quiet might be a difficult thing to do for the three members of Parlor Walls. The Brooklyn-based band combines a litany of genres that resemble jazz, post-punk and rock to formulate bombastic music which they dubbed as trash jazz

Opposites is the trio’s debut record featuring Alyse Lamb (of EULA) on vocals and guitars, Chris Mulligan on drums and Kate Mohanty on saxophone. The explosive Hesitation is a track with unrelenting resolve and immense zest that capstones the band’s sonic temperament. Opening with bulging percussion and discordant pep, Lamb’s bright vocals guide you through the melodic scramble. In limbo between the contemporary and the avant-garde, the track’s gravy syncopation coalesce with the erratic eruptions of guitars and wriggly saxophones.

Cereal Pairing: Cap’N Crunch with chocolate syrup