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other jesusMembers of the Vancouver-based outfit, Other Jesus, could care less about the meta. The unapologetic art-punks released their debut LP, Everything Is Problematic via No Sun Recordings, a year after their debut collection of songs, Bachelors of Art. Members Foamy Bottomeater, Tuna Turner, Ureatha Franklin (all monikers, in case you needed clarification) embodies the obtuse form of NYC no wave and the volatility of early Washington State riot grrrl.

Screen Fatigue” is a social commentary on our tethered lives to our online personas. The track is awash with boucey percussion, sludgy bass, and noxious guitar-play. Lead vocalist, Foamy Bottomeater, mulls over the cyclical sharing of one’s platter of food and the decline of human face-to-face interaction with ponderings of are we ever truly alone?” Everything Is Problematic is a jarring but engaging record with dry droll that’ll either leave you grimacing or grinning.