In full bloom and always in season, Orchid Collective has released their stunning debut EP, Courage. The Dublin based quartet (David O Shea, Shea Tohill, Hugh O’Neill, and Brian Roony) have crafted a 4-track collection of purely emotive and genuinely raw tunes that are too impossible to ignore.

0007007499_10The title track, Courage, is the instrumentally haunting start to the EP, and a strong introduction to Orchid Collective’s undeniably unique sound. The addition of equally evocative lyrics like, _i__f I was honest then I’d be on my own,″ creates a perfectly crafted emotional landscape. The track’s addictive quality flows flawlessly into a somber Tomorrow.”_ The apologetic and repetitive “didn’t mean to let you down” weighs heavy, while the well crafted harmonious layers are effortlessly weightless.”Waited on the Sun,” a plea we will all soon know too well, is a textured track drenched in melodious movement and sun-kissed with warm, rich tones. The EP is brought to an explosive close with the musically and emotionally moving “Blindfold.

Cereal Pairing: Well, Lucky Charms…for the magical part, not for the Sir Charms part.