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Formerly a member of the Bay Area-based Never Young, Nikolas Soelter records under his alias Nylon Smile. Named after the Portishead song, Soelter’s solo material takes on a similar sound that is silvery and enigmatic but well-defined. For his debut solo effort, Melina Duterte (also known as Jay Som) helmed the record’s production, weaving in layers of bedroom pop aesthetics with experimental trimmings. The result is Angel of Doubt, a record that features five economical tracks, each enveloped in shards of dissonance.

Sonic Youth meets the dream-wave zeitgeist, Dust is a buzzing track with churning guitars that dance over poised percussion. Awashed in a misty tone and pressed tempo, the individual elements momentarily diverge but coalesce into an ethereal saunter.

The record is available digitally and as physical cassette via Citrus City Records.

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