noah-kittinger-all-i-knowIf Noah Kittinger is a name that doesn’t sound familiar to you, then maybe Bedroom might jot your memory. Although Kittinger put an end to his lo-fi folk project last year, he promised that he’d return with a new project and new material in the near future.

The music of Bedroom can be characterized as despondent folk that’s quiet, yet isn’t afraid to spill over to a cacophonous plain. His latest material abandons the jagged lo-fi folk that made Grow such an enticing listen, in favor for a sound that’s minimal and makes slight nods to dream pop. But this shift in sound shouldn’t be all to different for those familiar with Bedrooms material, as his final song for the project, Work This Out showed hints of the new direction.

All I Know is a springy incandescent love song that can be classified as a minimalist sound, but yet feels relatively busy with the subtle electronics flourishing underneath the glimmering pop elements. However, this isn’t a love song that falls into the happy in love’ or the somber spectrum that’s most lyricists hover towards. Neutral in tone and candor, All I Know is a declaration with clear intentions of affection and devotion (all I know is you / can you hear me say / all I know is you”). The twin arpeggiated guitar lines flutter over the fidgety skip-stop percussion to create a sumptuously dewy melody.

Cereal Pairing: SMORZ (the coolest cereal I could think of)