no vacano vaca

With the season almost over, the title for summer song” of 2015 has yet to be given to a victor, or we could just give it to No Vacation. The San Francisco duo, consisting of Basil Saleh, and Sabrina Mai, started making music as a dorm room collaboration which bloomed into something more. No Vacation have released two mixtapes” with Summer Break being their latest. The citrus soaked single, Dræm Girl,” is a narrative of forlorn love recanted over antsy guitars, conspicuously groovy bass, and tightly punched percussions. On lead vox, Saleh’s dips into the everyman dilemma with the lines In love with my best friend / but I can’t say a thing.” The track ends with a spazzed out tropic mishmash with shoegaze tendencies thats foreboding yet ear-pleasing. Lets all head to the beach and put these guys on repeat.