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Les Oiseaux, La Distance coverLes Oiseaux, La Distance cover

The United States can take credit for Jazz, the United Kingdom can take credit for Brit-Pop, but Canada can take credit for Jizz-Jazz. Besides the micro-genre’s overlord and savior, Mac DeMarco, there hasn’t been many artists and groups exploring that sound. Nimbes is one of the few who have embraced the watery aesthetics of Jizz-Jazz. Hailing from Quebec, Canada, Les Oiseaux, La Distance, which translates to The Birds, The Distance,” is the group’s debut LP. Its head-to-toe deep in reverb with nine tracks that just eclipses 20 minutes. Upon first inspection, its easy to jump to the gun with the Mac DeMarco comparisons. Like with the airy Les Peintres,” its watery guitars will be a welcoming sound to the Mac DeMarco faithful. Despite being a genre known for its quirkiness, Nimbes expands on that with dense atmospheric tracks.

The title track and album opener is a lackadaisical layering of reverb backed guitars that builds up to sound like an ethereal dream. The vocals are done all in French with a haunting baritone that sound like they’re trying to reach the surface from deep within an ocean. Elements of post-punk finds its way on to tracks like Wezo” and Le Fusil,” both featuring a distinguishable bass riff that holds their own against reverbed-out guitars. Les Oiseaux, La Distance is a dense delight that’s an impressive addition to a micro genre thats a scarce in noise makers.