We’ve written much about Mark Lentz and Lauren Walker’s solo projects, Henry Demos and Lewtrakimou, but never the opportunity to cover their collaborative effort, Nice Legs. It’s been three years since the release of their ebullient debut, but the duo has been teasing new tracks through live shows. Their new two-track single, Strange Family is a limited edition release between Fox Food Records and Campers Rule Records, putting the singles on white and transparent lathe records respectively.

The rapturous Mighty Three is a smokey marvel that opens with an expansive atmosphere, vying to ripen your daydream. Plumy synths and soaring melodies create the perfect afterglow that never fades, even wit. The combination of Walker’s luminous vocals and Lentz’s pop chemistry is pure bliss and an endless source for euphoria.

Ashtrays has been kicking around for a year which popped up in their Third Man Records session. An intoxicating stream of percolating electronics mingles with twinkling nostalgia as quirky blips pop into focus. The dreamy waltz serves as a delightfully engrossing backdrop for Walker’s wondrous narrative of late night outings and homesickness.

With Lentz relocating, the band’s future is up in the air but we’ve been assured that this isn’t the end. Despite whatever happens, Nice Legs forever.

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