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Best friends Lauren Walker (aka Lewtrakimou) and Mark Lentz (aka Henry Demos) have been trickling out music under their collaborative project, Nice Legs. Differing in sound via their respective solo material, when together, the Kyoto-based duo creates waggish lo-fi pop music. Their latest EP, Can Say is a four-track special release in collaboration with The Yetee Records. The record was available as a limited cassette during a flash sale by the label.

The EPs title track is a doozy of an ear worm. Walker and Lentz synthesize the effervescent song with springy rhythms and sugary hooks. Lentzs guitar-style bass-playing technique exudes jubilance as it dances with Walkers highlighter-bright vocals. Following a simple verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure, the track’s simplicity lends itself to being a group singalong in karaoke.

Cereal Pairing: Apple Jacks