From Athens, Georgia comes New Madrid, and their tunes are as good as that trip would be long. With singles, EPs, and albums including the impossible-to-go-unnoticed SUNSWIMMER in 2014, and ****yardboat in 2012 under their belt, New Madrid has yet to disappoint over the years.

10443500_1265780560114510_6560424648654303989_nThe musically charming quartet has released their latest track, Don’t Hold Me Now”, via a Stereogum premiere a couple of weeks ago. In lieu of their upcoming album, “magnetkingmagnetqueen, the shorter-than-usual tune definitely holds the same weight in greatness, if not more.

Silvery yet rough vocals, haunting falsetto’s, and constant and hurried drumming creates nothing but hype for New Madrid’s new music. Moving towards a more DIY psych-indie sound, the track succeeds at being subdued, or underwaterpsych as the band would call it, while maintaining their own bold and unique sound.

New Madrid is staying, and going - see where you can catch em here.

Cereal Pairing: c_555Cinna-Crunch Pebbles, poolside - for that sweet, yet crunchy taste.